Images of a Good Time

Total concentration.

All generations.

Learning to stitch.

Tying the quilt.

It doesn't get much better than this.

Roll up the quilt to win.

The birth of a quilt.

Look what we made.

Raffle total proceeds.

First auction.

Jim, Debbie and Joan.

Pay It Forward

The Wildwood Mennonite Church Venture Club is implementing the Pay It Forward concept with the Venture Club Quilt.

In buying this quilt you are buying into the concept of Paying It Forward. You may wish to buy this quilt with a group of friends or as a service project. Within the next six months you must develop and actualize another idea on how this quilt can raise money to help children. We ask that you keep the concept going and please let the Wildwood Venture Club know what you have done with the quilt. We will keep a journal of where the quilt has gone and the corresponding stories.

The Pay It Forward concept, doing unselfish acts of kindness, and asking them to pay the kindness forward instead of paying it back, is a powerful idea.

This practice means being generous with your presence, your time, and your money. Give freely without expecting anything in return. Just do it.